Sol Source Partners is a partnership between Per Drewes and Rolf Paloheimo.

Per Drewes is a scientist and principal engineer of Sol Source Partners. Prior, Per Drewes was a Senior Research Engineer at Ontario Hydro and worked in the utility business, specifically in the renewable energy sector, for more than twenty five years. Specializing in solar and wind energy, he was project engineer for most of Ontario Hydro's pioneering work in this technology. He conceived, designed and installed all the utility's photovoltaic projects including Canada's first large remote photovoltaic supply, Canada's first grid connected residential photovoltaic power supply, Canada's first diesel hybrid system and Canada's largest photovoltaic installation, an 80 kW system supplying power for a hospital in Toronto. He has also designed and built small power supplies for remote applications in Northern Ontario as well as Africa.

Per Drewes was responsible for writing Section 50 of the Canadian Electrical Code relating to photovoltaics and has been an advisor to the federal government. He has written numerous papers on solar energy, both for technical journals and the popular press (Canadian Geographic). He has given many presentations to professional groups, on television and has taught a course on photovoltaic technology at the University of Toronto.

Per Drewes represented Canada on the International Energy Agency Task 7 Committee “Photovoltaics in the Built Environment”. In addition to providing guidance on electrical issues for the Committee, he designed and installed Canada’s case studies and was the author of Chapter 6 of “Designing with Solar Power”, a source book for building integrated photovoltaics produced by some members of Task 7.

Per Drewes received the Ontario Hydro President’s Sustainable Energy Development Champion Award in 1997 (Photovoltaics at Point Pelee Park) and 1999 (Solar on King City H.S.) and was named Engineer of the Year (1999) in York Region by the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

Rolf Paloheimo

Rolf is a founding partner in Sol Source Partners Inc. (“SSP”.) SSP designs and builds building integrated solar photovoltaic systems.  Rolf is primarily responsible for project management issues in Sol Source Partners.  SSP also provides consulting services for feasibility studies, design, and project management for clients proposing or building solar photovoltaic systems. Clients and projects completed include Hospitals, Schools, Social Housing organizations, Commercial/Industrial facilities, farms and private residences.

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